Gallipoli logo 2015 ANZAC day seating requirements

ANZAC Day Commemorations 2015 in Gallipoli

Hi Chillazers!

ANZAC Day is fast approaching. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC’s landing at Gallipolli so it’s a big event this year with over 10,000 Australians and New Zealanders heading over to pay their respects.

We’ve had a few people ring up and ask about whether the Chillazy seat could be taken to the commemorations at Gallipoli. Given the larger number of people attending the event this year the Turkish Government has placed stricter requirements on what will be allowed into the event. I contacted the Department of Veteran Affairs to discuss the seating options. The employee at the DVA mentioned to me that she thought the Chillazy would be a good option however, they couldn’t guarantee that the Turkish government would let them in. She provided me with an email that outlined additional information

“blankets are permitted on site as are compact sleeping bags…. Folding chairs are not permitted. Any variations such as blow up chairs, portable legless or back support chairs and the like may not be permitted by Turkish Authorities”

She also provided a link to the prohibited items list that was provided by the Turkish Government and is on their website (

Now this is a little vague about what definitely will and will not be allowed in (they say back support chairs MAY not be permitted…) but the Chillazy could be the perfect option. Worse case, when you unclip the buckles on each side, it becomes a comfy mat to sit on.  It also easily rolls up for putting into your suitcase.


We’ve decided that in support of the Aussies travelling to Gallipoli for the 2015 ANZAC commemorations we will guarantee that if you purchase a Chillazy and are unable to get it into the site we will replace it for you when you return to Australia free of charge. To be eligible for this guarantee you will need to provide proof of your trip to Gallipoli when requesting a replacement.


Chris & the Chillazy Crew