Chris Brown in a Tallback Chillazy Seat

HOT! Chillazy on Channel 10’s the Living Room

We’re so excited! The Chillazy got on Channel 10’s Hot or Not program and was proclaimed HOT by the audience!! If you want to check it out it was season 4 episode 34

Chris Brown was loving the Chillazy so he could stay comfy on the hill at his local footy match without getting a wet bum! What a handy foldable seat!

Chris Brown in a Tallback Chillazy Seat

Chris Brown in a Tallback Chillazy Seat


Don't forget your ground seating for Tropfest

Tropfest 6 December 2015 – Don’t miss out on the world’s largest short film festival!

Tropfest is Australia’s most prestigious short film festival and one of its most iconic cultural events. It is also the largest short film festival in the world. At home, Tropfest is recognised for its enormous contribution to the development of the Australian film industry.

Tropfest is hosted in Sydney’s Centennial Park with a live national audience of around 150,000 people.  It’s a free event to attend and at Chillazy it is one of our favourite outdoor celebrations complete with music, entertainment, public catering and bars.  It’s a must do!

Don't forget your ground seating for Tropfest

Don’t forget your ground seating for Tropfest

Program times at a glance: Tropfest pre-show entertainment and live music from 3pm, screening of the 16 Finalist Films from 7:30pm.

Also, if you’re one of those really organised types! Tropfest is BYO-friendly so you can grab your foldable ground seat, picnic blanket, hat, sunscreen and a couple of bevvies and settle in for the entertainment!

Remember it’s a big day outdoors and we recommend you take:

  • picnic rug
  • foldable ground seat for backsupport (e.g. Chillazy ;))
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • a plastic bag for your rubbish
  • insect repellent
  • a blanket for when the sun goes down
  • a raincoat – just in case
  • a water bottle

Just as a side note, it’s great that Tropfest’s founder John Polson joined the campaign against illegal movie and music downloading.  People generally don’t seem to be aware of the devastating impact that pirating movies and music has on the entertainment industry.  A study by IPAF found that 27% of Australians download content illegally on a regular basis!

Founder of Tropfest supports campaign against pirating

Founder of Tropfest supports campaign against pirating

The sad part is that the people downloading the content illegally would probably be the most devastated if the industry was unable to keep producing great creative content!  Why not support the artists and pay for your content?


The Chillazy Crew

Compact rental seat cinema

The Chillazy’s Dream – Be sat in by people far and wide!

The Chillazy has been taken to outdoor events across Australia and overseas… it’s traveled far and wide bringing joy to outdoor event goers globally.

Chillazin rental seat cinema

Previously we would sell the Chillazy at outdoor events but recently, we’ve been approached by big and small outdoor event organisers from local charities to large well known outdoor cinemas and concerts to have our seats available for hire at their events.  This has really opened up doors for the Chillazy… it’s dream of being sat in by people far and wide is coming true!

Chillazin hire seats

So next time you see a Chillazy at an event, hire or buy one to make that little Chillazy’s dream come true!

Compact rental seat cinema

Images are provided by Curious Cartel from their recent cinema session where they hired Chillazy foldable seats for the event!


Chris and the Chillazy Crew

Groove in the moo

Get Amongst The Outdoor Events in April/May 2015

For Aussies summer never ends!

We’ve entered the colder seasons but at Chillazy this doesn’t stop us from getting outdoors and enjoying the moment!  There are heaps of cool things to do if you know where to look…

Curious Cartel for film lovers and social explorers!

There is a new crew in town shaking up the cinema scene! They call themselves the curious cartel… they are bringing adventure, creativity and an infectious enthusiasm for a good time to Sydney siders. This bunch are creating a unique movie night at a yet to be disclosed location on the 9th of May ( If you’ve got a sense of adventure, love getting out and about and socialising, you need to check these guys out.   The Chillazy crew are supporting the curious cartel by renting there foldable seats for the night so you will be super comfy!

Camp Gallipoli and celebrating the Anzacs at centennial park


Camp Gallipoli on Fri 24th of April in Centennial Park is going to be huge.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all Australians and New Zealanders to come together on the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli to sleep out under the same stars as the original ANZAC heroes did 100 years ago.  Grab your swag and Chillazy foldable seat and get your butt there this weekend to show your support and have a great time!

Groove in the Moo 2015

Groove in the moo

Groove in the moo 2015 on Sat the 9th of May is hitting the Hunter at full pace ! Another month, another music festival worth staying in and saving your money for. This year’s Groovin the Moo gathering will again hit the Hunter (after stops around the country and in Canberra on Sun May 3) with a line-up rich with talent – you’ve got your rap (A$AP Ferg! Hilltop Hoods!), your true-blue Aussie musos (Ball Park Music! Meg Mac! The Preatures!), Kiwi breakouts (Broods!), electro heroes (Flight Facilities! Peaches!) and much, much more. South Maitland.

Pittwater Food & Wine Fair

Bring your picnic rug and enjoy the live music at the beautiful scenic setting adjacent to the waterways of Pittwater.  Participating Wineries:- McWilliams Mt Pleasant, Mollys Cradle, Pinnaroo Estate Wines, Savannah Estate, Brown Brothers, Peterson House, Petersons Wines, Drayton Family Wine, Tamburlaine Organic Wines, 201, Pepper Tree Wines, Bullion Cellars, Tallavera Grove Vineyard, Modus Operandi Brewing, 4 Pines Brewing Company and KissOfire.

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For those who have been asking about the Chillazy Backpack Seat, new stock is arriving this week

Live life Chillazy,

Chris and the Crew




Gallipoli logo 2015 ANZAC day seating requirements

ANZAC Day Commemorations 2015 in Gallipoli

Hi Chillazers!

ANZAC Day is fast approaching. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC’s landing at Gallipolli so it’s a big event this year with over 10,000 Australians and New Zealanders heading over to pay their respects.

We’ve had a few people ring up and ask about whether the Chillazy seat could be taken to the commemorations at Gallipoli. Given the larger number of people attending the event this year the Turkish Government has placed stricter requirements on what will be allowed into the event. I contacted the Department of Veteran Affairs to discuss the seating options. The employee at the DVA mentioned to me that she thought the Chillazy would be a good option however, they couldn’t guarantee that the Turkish government would let them in. She provided me with an email that outlined additional information

“blankets are permitted on site as are compact sleeping bags…. Folding chairs are not permitted. Any variations such as blow up chairs, portable legless or back support chairs and the like may not be permitted by Turkish Authorities”

She also provided a link to the prohibited items list that was provided by the Turkish Government and is on their website (

Now this is a little vague about what definitely will and will not be allowed in (they say back support chairs MAY not be permitted…) but the Chillazy could be the perfect option. Worse case, when you unclip the buckles on each side, it becomes a comfy mat to sit on.  It also easily rolls up for putting into your suitcase.


We’ve decided that in support of the Aussies travelling to Gallipoli for the 2015 ANZAC commemorations we will guarantee that if you purchase a Chillazy and are unable to get it into the site we will replace it for you when you return to Australia free of charge. To be eligible for this guarantee you will need to provide proof of your trip to Gallipoli when requesting a replacement.


Chris & the Chillazy Crew


Chillazy’s top 5 things to take to your next outdoor concert

  1. Bring a blankie or warm jumper. During the day it might be hot, but once the sun goes down you’ll get chilly
  2. Wear earplugs when falling asleep at night at a multi-day concert.
  3. Bring a bandana / headband you can soak in cold water. It cools you down and reduces heat stress
  4. Take baby wipes to clean your hands and wipe your face. It can get sticky when eating and drinking at a concert.
  5. Have a mini first aid kit with a few band aids, Panadol and sunscreen handy



Don’t forget to celebrate your 2014 achievements this Chrissy!

A large Australian independent wealth manager  decided that Chillazy Seats would be great Christmas presents for their staff!  They are practical, fun and handy coming into the Festive season!

Not only did they give the Chillazys as Christmas presents but they invited me along to their Christmas in the Park celebration to speak about taking a risk in business, work life balance and the the importance of setting goals.

I thought it was super chillazy to have christmas celebrations with some music, picnic food and a couple of bevvies in the park so I immediately accepted the invitation.   It was exciting to be asked to present to a corporate team about things that have become so important to me since starting Chillazy.


Being Christmas I realised that it is a very important time of the year, being a time that we should all celebrate the successes of 2014 and take some time to sit back and get chillazy and allow ourselves to consider our goals for 2015.

It was such a great evening and I thank the team for involving Chillazy in the event.