“Chillazy was an excellent addition to Twilight at Taronga and offered a great product and service for our patrons. Chris and the team were extremely friendly, professional and helpful. What started as a trial turned into a must-have for the series. The Twilight at Taronga team would not hesitate to recommend Chillazy to other venues and promoters.”
- Marion Joyce (Taronga Zoo’s – Manager, Commercial Services)

“The Chillazy team are friendly and knowledgeable. They understand our needs and have excellent customer service. Thanks for helping us expand our brand reach.”
- Lizz Ferry

“What a great time we had at the Ku-ring-gai Big Swing Festival at St Ives Showground last Saturday evening. The night was made very comfortable for us with our newly purchased Chillazy seats! We ordered online and were delighted when they arrived via express post to ensure we had them in time. Great customer service and wonderful product. So comfortable, they will be getting a lot of use. Thank you!”
- Joanne Dummer

“Thanks for your great product. Recently I finished a four day meditation seminar and used your chillazy chair throughout. I could adjust the position I wanted to sit in easily and with a cushion behind my back and one underneath I was comfortable throughout the entire event.”
- Jai-Srita

“At the Pipeline Masters finals, I enjoyed one of life’s greatest days even more because I could relax in a Chillazy Seat. For eight hours at the beach, I sat comfortably and didn’t block anyone’s view of the competition. I’m not sure who won that day … Kelly Slater, Mick Fanny or me in the Chillazy Seat!”
- Gary Mensforth

“I’ve been looking for something like the Chillazy Seat for a while. Not only is it good for outdoor events, it’s excellent for indoor functions where you don’t have the back support.”
- Jag Lal

“The Chillazy Seat is an extremely comfortable lounge chair. I can easily pop out of the chair, lean back and rock to music or sit up right to keep my posture. It’s a versatile and compact seat. Working as a backpack, the mesh pocket carried my water, coat and food keeping my hands free. I’m so happy with my purchase and bring it with me on any trip.”
- Denise Hooper

“The Chillazy Seat is perfect for outdoor movies. At Moonlight Cinemas at Centennial Park, I somehow always manage to sit on the most uncomfortable piece of rock. Now I can enjoy the movie comfortably.”
- Deborah Lee