Compact rental seat cinema

The Chillazy’s Dream – Be sat in by people far and wide!

The Chillazy has been taken to outdoor events across Australia and overseas… it’s traveled far and wide bringing joy to outdoor event goers globally.

Chillazin rental seat cinema

Previously we would sell the Chillazy at outdoor events but recently, we’ve been approached by big and small outdoor event organisers from local charities to large well known outdoor cinemas and concerts to have our seats available for hire at their events.  This has really opened up doors for the Chillazy… it’s dream of being sat in by people far and wide is coming true!

Chillazin hire seats

So next time you see a Chillazy at an event, hire or buy one to make that little Chillazy’s dream come true!

Compact rental seat cinema

Images are provided by Curious Cartel from their recent cinema session where they hired Chillazy foldable seats for the event!


Chris and the Chillazy Crew