Don't forget your ground seating for Tropfest

Tropfest 6 December 2015 – Don’t miss out on the world’s largest short film festival!

Tropfest is Australia’s most prestigious short film festival and one of its most iconic cultural events. It is also the largest short film festival in the world. At home, Tropfest is recognised for its enormous contribution to the development of the Australian film industry.

Tropfest is hosted in Sydney’s Centennial Park with a live national audience of around 150,000 people.  It’s a free event to attend and at Chillazy it is one of our favourite outdoor celebrations complete with music, entertainment, public catering and bars.  It’s a must do!

Don't forget your ground seating for Tropfest

Don’t forget your ground seating for Tropfest

Program times at a glance: Tropfest pre-show entertainment and live music from 3pm, screening of the 16 Finalist Films from 7:30pm.

Also, if you’re one of those really organised types! Tropfest is BYO-friendly so you can grab your foldable ground seat, picnic blanket, hat, sunscreen and a couple of bevvies and settle in for the entertainment!

Remember it’s a big day outdoors and we recommend you take:

  • picnic rug
  • foldable ground seat for backsupport (e.g. Chillazy ;))
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • a plastic bag for your rubbish
  • insect repellent
  • a blanket for when the sun goes down
  • a raincoat – just in case
  • a water bottle

Just as a side note, it’s great that Tropfest’s founder John Polson joined the campaign against illegal movie and music downloading.  People generally don’t seem to be aware of the devastating impact that pirating movies and music has on the entertainment industry.  A study by IPAF found that 27% of Australians download content illegally on a regular basis!

Founder of Tropfest supports campaign against pirating

Founder of Tropfest supports campaign against pirating

The sad part is that the people downloading the content illegally would probably be the most devastated if the industry was unable to keep producing great creative content!  Why not support the artists and pay for your content?


The Chillazy Crew