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At outdoor events, we’re often stuck without a seat or sitting with no back support. Back aches and leg strain distracts us from actually enjoying the event.

Then the Chillazy Seat arrived …

People love to use the Chillazy Seat at outdoor events. Equipped with a foam cushion and fibreglass structure, the lightweight design is your ready-made seat (full back support up to 130kg). This foldable and easy to carry moulds to your body and comfortably supports your posture so you can sit back and live in the moment.

We are the preferred seating option at a number of large sell out concerts including Twilight at Taronga (…

“Chillazy was an excellent addition to Twilight at Taronga and offered a great product and service for our patrons. Chris and the team were extremely friendly, professional and helpful. What started as a trial turned into a must-have for the series. The Twilight at Taronga team would not hesitate to recommend Chillazy to other venues and promoters.”
– Marion Joyce (Taronga Zoo’s – Manager, Commercial Services)

The seat is so compact – when you’re ready to go, collapse it, wear it and be on your way. It’s the outdoor event seat you can take anywhere … while reducing your environmental footprint.

Have your brand stand-out at events
Chillazy Products can customise the Chillazy Seat with your company’s branding.

Doubling as a seat and mini billboard, the Chillazy Seat works as easy-to-carry reusable seating and experiential marketing for your customers. They’ll enjoy the comfort and advertise your brand beyond the event.

The Chillazy Seat is your canvas to deliver a message, show support or increase brand awareness. Extend your brand exposure while keeping your customer chilled out with the Chillazy Seat.

Brand the Chillazy Seat for:

• Corporate gifts
• Sponsorship
• Team events
• Birthday / Christmas gifts
• Surf carnivals
• School carnivals
• Concerts / festivals
• Outdoor cinemas
• Sporting events

… and many more outdoor events

“The Chillazy team are friendly and knowledgeable. They understand our needs and have excellent customer service. Thanks for helping us expand our brand reach.”
– Lizz Ferry

Co-branding and white label opportunities are available. Let Chillazy spread the word for you.

The Hope Estate is the Hunter Valley’s premier concert venue for major festivals or sold-out shows like Dolly Parton or the Rolling Stones.

Drawing crowds of thousands, the Hope Estate needed an affordable way for the audience to enjoy the show without blocking anyone’s view. The Chillazy Seat gave music lovers the comfort they needed while letting them rock out to their favourite bands. Plus, branding the Chillazy Seat extended the Hope Estate’s reach. They’ve become top of mind for concert enthusiasts in New South Wales. Ticket holders often look to purchase the Chillazy Seat or bring back their seat because it’s the perfect way to enjoy the music.

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